Alten Construction internship program


July 6, 2018

This year, 25 Alten Construction employees celebrate anniversaries with the company

Bob and Shannon Alten dreamt of creating a cohesive construction team that works together to create amazing structures throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 1995, Alten Construction was established. Since then, the company has continually strived to improve the building experience through innovation, perfecting the processes and raising the bar not only for themselves but also for the building community as a whole.

Through hard work, dedication, honesty and taking pride in its work by placing their clients’ needs first, Alten Construction has grown from a small public works company to a thriving general contractor with more than 100 employees and more than $75 million in annual revenue.

This year, 25 of those employees are celebrating special anniversary milestones of their own as each of them have been working for Alten Construction for at least 10 years.

  1. Chad Casper, Superintendent - Date of Hire:  03/09/98
  2. Erik Andresen, Senior Estimator - Date of Hire: 06/02/98
  3. Michael Kane, Journeyman Carpenter - Date of Hire:  03/02/99 
  4. Trevor Simon, Superintendent - Date of Hire: 05/08/99
  5. Juan Pablo Castro, Journeyman Carpenter - Date of Hire: 06/19/00
  6. Marco A. Mederos, Journeyman Laborer - Date of Hire:06/26/00
  7. Chris Chierici, Superintendent - Date of Hire: 05/01/01
  8. Juan C. Sanchez, Journeyman Laborer - Date of Hire: 04/09/02 
  9. Guillermo Manzo, Journeyman Laborer - Date of Hire: 04/19/02
  10. James D. Mitchell, Project Manager - Date of Hire:  06/03/02
  11. Samuel J. Leow, Shop Manager - Date of Hire:  06/02/03
  12. Timothy A. Brown, Superintendent - Date of Hire: 06/23/03
  13. Alejandro Hernandez, Journeyman Laborer -  Date of Hire:  09/09/04
  14. Andrew C. Nortz, Director of Operations - Date of Hire: 03/26/07
  15. Dinna Saechao, Certified Payroll Coordinator - Date of Hire: 08/06/07
  1. Francisco Navarro, Journeyman Laborer - Date of Hire:  08/09/07
  2. Manuel Gonzalez, Journeyman Carpenter - Date of Hire: 10/29/07
  3. Brigido L. Echavarria, Journeyman Laborer - Date of Hire: 03/24/08
  4. Eric G. Onick, Project Manager - Date of Hire: 05/19/08
  5. Randall Barbour, Project Manager - Date of Hire: 06/23/08
  6. Chad S. Albrecht, Journeyman Carpenter - Date of Hire: 06/23/08
  7. Gustavo Guzman, Journeyman Laborer - Date of Hire:  07/24/08
  8. Omar Gomez-Diaz, Journeyman Carpenter - Date of Hire:  07/28/08
  9. Rigoberto Gonzalez, Journeyman Laborer - Date of Hire:  08/05/08
  10. Karin M. Romeo, Estimating Coordinator - Date of Hire: 12/01/08

"Many of our people have been with us a long time," says Bob Alten, president and co-founder of Alten Construction. "This company would not be here without them. This is their company. We've had the joy of watching many employees get married, buy houses and start families. We always love seeing and hearing about their personal successes."

Every employee had his or her own reasons for joining Alten Construction initially; but as for their decision to remain with the company long term, well that can be linked back to Bob and Shannon and the couple’s ability to take a genuine interest in the well-being of their employees.

In celebration of their anniversary milestones, several employees spoke on what brought them to Alten Construction, their role in helping shape the company’s culture and why they truly enjoy coming to work on a daily basis. Here’s what they had to say.

James Mitchell, Senior Project Manager

James Mitchell was a month away from graduating from California State University Chico when a chance visit to the construction management department office changed his life. James saw a job listing for a position for a construction company in his hometown. That company was Alten Construction. A week later, James met with Bob and was offered a project manager position.

Since then, James has been fortunate to manage a variety of different construction projects across the San Francisco Bay Area, including a new ground-up and high-end office building at a community college campus in Silicon Valley, restoration and earthquake repairs to the 130-year-old Historic Napa County Courthouse and the recent completion a new charter high school in Sonoma County.

Q. What do you enjoy the most about working for Alten Construction?
A. Alten Construction continues to grow and take on larger more challenging projects, and I think people enjoy being a part of that. I know I do. I realized the potential in Alten Construction after just a few years. The company is interested in the well-being of its employees and help people succeed at their job.”

Q. What's your fondest, most interesting or most memorable moment from your time there?  
A.  I remember one time being in charge of a large concrete foundation placement, and it was my job to order the correct amount of concrete.  This can be tricky because if you order too little or too much you have an expensive problem to explain to your boss. The concrete placement went very well, and I had ordered almost the exact amount of concrete required within a few cubic feet. I remember the guys from the concrete crew onsite were impressed by how accurate my order was, and they told me I did a good job. I remember that being very rewarding for me.    

Erik Andresen, Senior Estimator

Erik Andresen goes out of his way to keep the doors of Alten Construction open. As a senior estimator, Erik is responsible for helping the company secure projects and keep its employees busy and happy. It’s a role Erik takes seriously, having watched Bob and Shannon Alten go out of their way to do things the right way and treat their employees with the utmost respect.

Q. With so many employees celebrating 10-year and beyond milestones this year, what does that say about the culture of Alten Construction and its employees?
A. Alten Construction is a family. People genuinely enjoy coming to work every day. I think it has a lot to do with the culture here. You’re not just doing a job, but you’re doing it for one another. It’s like a team. We’re all on the same page and that’s a good thing.

Q. You recently hit the 20-year mark. At what point did you realize Alten Construction was a company you could see yourself working for long term?
A. Almost two weeks into working for Bob and Shannon it felt like I had been there for a long time in a good way. The comfort level and the connection that I felt with Bob and Shannon, I knew they had my best interest in mind. They are really driven, goal-oriented people who put good people around them. The sky is the limit. As long as there’s a vision, we’re going to achieve it.

Chad Casper, Superintendent

Twenty years ago, Chad Casper walked into Alten Construction and listened as Bob Alten shared he and Shannon’s vision for the future of their company and the potential for growth and development in Chad’s own career. The meeting sparked something in Chad who ultimately decided to follow the visionary path laid out before him, and the rest is history.

 Q. With so many employees celebrating 10-year and beyond milestones this year, what does that say about the culture of Alten Construction and its employees?
A. It says a lot! Shannon and Bob Alten built this family business on solid ground. Throughout all of our years of growth, they have managed to keep so many employees for such long periods of time by maintaining core values that align with their employees, creating a big family with mutual respect for one another.

Q. You recently hit the 20-year mark. At what point did you realize Alten Construction was a company you could see yourself working for long term?
A. Quite honestly, the 20-year mark snuck up on me. There was never a point or moment where I can say I made up my mind to stay here for the long term. Shannon and Bob have treated me so good, for so long, that I couldn’t ever imagine working for anyone else.