Alten Construction internship program


September 7, 2018

Former Alten Construction intern lands full-time position as a project engineer

Alex Adams isn’t afraid of a little hard work.

Whether it’s completing submittals and RFIs, helping with change orders or handling company meeting minutes and logs, Alex is willing to go above and beyond to help make sure the Foothill-De Anza Community College District office project remains on track.

Alten Superintendent

That dedication and desire to take on additional tasks helped the former Alten Construction intern land a full-time position with the company as a project engineer in May 2018.

“I enjoy that it’s a different issue every day that I need to get resolved,” says Alex. “Things are always changing. Every day I’m learning a ton of new information that I wouldn’t have thought I would. The learning aspect is probably my favorite part.”

A 2018 graduate of California State Polytechnic University, Alex got his first glimpse of the construction business early on while watching his father work part time as a residential painter. He also would tag along with his mother, an avid fan of HGTV design and renovation shows, to open houses and together the two would discuss what they would have done differently.

Initially, Alex thought about being an engineer or an architect, but while attending California State Polytechnic University, he was drawn toward the business side of construction. Alex first learned about Alten Construction’s internship program while studying construction management. He attended a number of meet-up events where construction companies came in to talk about their programs.

It was during one of those events that Alex met Andrew Nortz, vice president of operations at Alten Construction, and Eric Onick, a senior project manager at Alten Construction, who shared information about the family-owned company and explained that Alten Construction’s internship would afford Alex a hands-on opportunity to learn and explore the construction field.

Alex applied and was accepted into Alten Construction’s summer internship program in June 2017.

“The harder you work, the more they will put on your plate,” says Alex. “I was drawn to that aspect. It was a test in my mind. If I work hard during my internship and show that I’m serious about this and prove myself, it could possibly lead to more.”

Throughout his four-month internship, Alex helped out on one of Alten Construction’s more complex jobs. He continually asked questions and wasn’t afraid to ask for more work when he finished his list of tasks. That perseverance and willingness to try whatever was put in front of him helped show his supervisors that he would be a long-term asset to the team.

“He showed the ability to handle the project management side of things well and process them in the field,” says Luke O’Neill, a project engineer for Alten Construction who served as Alex’s supervisor during his internship. “He took to new tasks quickly, applying his good work ethic to ensure people had the right information to build what the design team wanted while at the same time tracking costs and schedules to ensure we were on track.”

Since joining the Alten Construction team full time, Alex has tried to have a hand in nearly every facet of the business. He’s willing to step up wherever needed to make sure the Foothill-De Anza Community College District project, which includes construction of a new office building and a large boardroom building, is a success.

“I just try to keep our project on track the best that I can and be another pair of eyes,” says Alex. “This building will be a big step up from where they are now. When we’re done with this building, it’s going to look really good.”