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November 22, 2019

Alten Construction completes $4.71 million modernization of Love Elementary School

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Alten Construction recently completed a modernization to Love Elementary School, formerly Henry Haight Elementary School in the Alameda Unified School District.

In April 2019, Alten Construction began working on the $4.71 million project, which consisted of a HVAC system upgrade, new administration office and a new student drop-off and visitor parking area, among other upgrades. With a fixed timeline in place, the roughly 30,000-square-foot project was completed in time for school to resume in August 2019.

As part of the project, Alten Construction gutted the old band room and turned it into a new administration space. Alten Construction rearranged walls and added new finishes and glazing, replacing the existing plexiglass that had been leaking.

Alten Construction also completed a substantial HVAC system upgrade, which included a new boiler and cooling tower as well as the addition of 37 new heat pumps.

“There were numerous leaking and air circulation issues at the school,” says Luke O’Neill, project engineer for Alten Construction. “In the middle of the school, there were no windows and not a lot of air flow. These improvements are definitely environmental upgrades that will improve the quality of learning.”

The modernization also included the refurbishment of four corner terraces on the second floor of the school. Alten Construction reframed the terraces, adding new windows, lighting and new patio waterproofing on the decks themselves.

The commercial construction company also painted the exterior walls of the school with silicone waterproof paint to help prevent leaking in the future and added a new bus turnaround and student drop-off area in the back of the school and a new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) approved visitor parking lot in the front of the school.

“Our team put the final touches on the school, including its good curb appeal,” Luke says. “We wanted everyone to be happy, and I think the students will be excited to come back to school and see these changes.”

Love Elementary is one of nine elementary schools in the Alameda Unified School District. Formerly Henry Haight Elementary, Alameda Unified School District trustees renamed the school on April 23, 2019, following a petition for change by area residents after it was discovered that Haight, a Civil War Reconstruction-era California governor and former city resident, held racist views.