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September 12, 2019

Alten Construction completes modernization for Lincoln Middle School

Alten Construction, a full-service San Francisco Bay Area commercial construction company, recently completed a $5.86 million modernization to Lincoln Middle School in the Alameda Unified School District.general contractor for schools San Francisco

Alten Construction modernized two science classrooms, renovated and relocated the front office and band room and installed a new HVAC system, among other upgrades. The roughly 40,000-square-foot project was completed in late August 2019.

During construction, Alten Construction added new ornamental gates with the school’s name and lion logo and fencing to create a single point of entry into the school. Alten Construction transformed the school’s former band room, located in the front of the school, into a new administration space with a large new reception desk while the former administration space was transformed into a new band room for students.

“The campus and new administration were reorganized to make it more streamlined,” said Luke O’Neill, project engineer for Alten Construction. “The former administration area was in the middle of the school, and now, it’s the first building you see when you arrive at the school. I believe the staff will be happy about the space.”

The renovation also included the modernization of two science laboratories. The two previous back-to-back classrooms shared a wall but were different sizes. The commercial construction company knocked down the existing shared wall and rebuilt it to create two equal size classrooms. Alten Construction also installed all of the necessary equipment for a science classroom, including sinks, gas turrets and 25 sprinkler heads. Alten Construction had to dig a fire line from the street to the school, to meet Division of State Architect (DSA) requirements, as the rest of the school doesn’t have a fire sprinkler system.

The team also completed a HVAC system upgrade, which included the installation of a new boiler and cooling tower as well as HVAC ductwork. During the project, Alten Construction also completed necessary site work, including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible sidewalks, site concrete, exterior waterproofing and a new granite pad and benches by the trail in the back of the school.