Albany High School


July 14, 2020

Alten Construction completes Albany High School addition

Alten Construction recently completed construction on an addition to Albany High School.

Located in the center of the high school, the new 10,231-square-feet addition comprises a pair of two-story buildings, which includes a classroom building and an administration building with a multipurpose space. A breezeway and a second-floor balcony connect the two buildings.

Alten Construction also finished the site work around the addition, such as landscaping, concrete and pavers. Previously, the space where the project now sits was used as a gathering area. Students and staff were able to utilize all of the school’s existing buildings without having to relocate during construction.

“From the very beginning, the Alten Construction team stood out in their ability to listen to the needs of our school and translate that into a building,” said Darren McNally, principal at Albany High School. “The project fit seamlessly into our campus and actually accentuated it. The addition contains new learning spaces for our students and teachers, as well as a maker space that will allow us to teach our students new subjects and skills for a changing world. This project gave our campus a heart that it never had before and helps make our school a community.”

Alten Construction has been involved with the design-build project since early 2018, and construction on the addition began in February 2019. The design-build method allows the designer and the contractor to work as a team from the beginning, providing joint project recommendations. In addition to saving time and money, design-build projects allow for additional innovation and collaboration.

Alten Construction worked alongside LCA Architects on the $7.9 million project. Together, the two companies designed the addition and worked jointly throughout the construction process.

“Our team took pride in the opportunity to participate on this design-build project,” said Chris Murphy, a project manager for Alten Construction. “Alten Construction’s headquarters is less than 10 miles away, and we are happy that we could help create a modernized learning environment for students and school staff in our local community.”

The Albany High School addition is a Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) project, which is similar to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. CHPS recognized schools are designed to improve student performance and the educational experience by creating sustainable, cost-effective schools with high-quality learning environments.