San Rafael Public Center


July 30, 2020

Alten Construction completes City of San Rafael Public Safety Center

This month, Alten Construction completed construction on the City of San Rafael Public Safety Center, the largest public works contract to date for the city.

The Public Safety Center houses the San Rafael Police Department, San Rafael Fire Department, the new Fire Station 51 and all associated offices and support.

The 43,500-square-foot steel-framed facility features a 17,217-square-foot basement and apparatus parking area and includes a shared central lobby with curtain wall and storefront systems, sunshades and multiple, complex interrelated building systems.

“The completion of the Public Safety Center is the culmination of years of work, dedication and commitment to public safety,” said San Rafael Mayor Gary Phillips. “Our police and fire departments are on the front line of every local emergency, ready to respond and protect the safety of San Rafael. I’m proud that our police officers, firefighters and public safety staff have a new, modern home where they will be better equipped to help, to protect and to come to the aid of the people of San Rafael.”

On-site parking for patrol and specialty support vehicles and all San Rafael Police Department units, including records, administration and the office of the Police Chief, patrol operations, investigations, dispatch, evidence and property and professional standards, will be located at the Public Safety Center.

“The Police Department is looking forward to our new home in the Public Safety Center,” said San Rafael Police Chief Diana Bishop. “My staff is committed to serving the people of San Rafael, and we are honored to now be working under one roof to help guarantee the safety of the public. We are thankful for the support of the people of San Rafael in making this possible."

The building will also hold the San Rafael Fire Department’s administrative division, such as the office of the Fire Chief, fire prevention bureau and administrative staff. Fire Station 51’s apparatus bay space will allow for a cross-staffing truck and secure bay for the vehicle. It also provides living accommodations for four firefighters and the Battalion Chief.

“The fire department is grateful to the people of San Rafael for their generous support of our essential facilities projects,” said San Rafael Fire Chief Darin White. “Representing the fire department, I am thankful for the work of my predecessor, Chief Chris Gray, for working diligently to make this new Public Safety Center, and our recently completed Fire Stations, a reality. The Public Safety Center will anchor and inspire our public safety staff as we strive to provide the highest levels of customer service to our community members”.