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February 15, 2021

Alten Construction: A Family Business

Growing up, Billy and Bobby Alten learned at a young age about their parents’ passion and true labor of love - Alten Construction Company. As children, they both fondly remember helping out around the shop to support the family business.

Founded in 1995 by Bob and Shannon Alten, the flourishing commercial construction company recently celebrated its 25-year milestone anniversary. Their story began with humble beginnings and big challenges as Alten Construction won its first bid to renovate 23 bathrooms for Laney and Merritt College in Oakland, California the very same year the company started.

“One of my earliest memories of the company was driving around in the pickup truck with my dad and going to different job sites,” says Billy. “The company has been around longer than I have, so I really don’t know a life without it.”

Similarly, Bobby recalls many of the same moments.

“My earliest memory is the original office on Mary Street in San Rafael, which is now a parking lot for Whole Foods Market,” remarks Bobby. “I can also remember going to all the job sites with my dad.”
Bobby Alten & Billy Alten

All of those construction site trips back in their youth must have made an impression. Today, both sons have turned to Alten Construction to start their construction careers.

Billy was a junior in high school when he decided he wanted to go into the family business, but it wasn’t only because he wanted to follow in his parents’ footsteps. The team-oriented culture and overall family feel amongst all the employees was what made it stand out to him. The 23-year-old is currently a project engineer with a degree in construction management from Colorado State University.

For Bobby, construction was the missing piece of the puzzle. After working in a few different industries after college and not finding his exact niche, he realized Alten Construction was the perfect fit. The 28-year-old is now an estimating assistant with a degree in economics from Sonoma State University.

For both men, having parents that started their own commercial construction company that has truly transformed the San Francisco Bay Area is something they will always cherish.

“I have always been so proud of what my parents have accomplished, the company they’ve grown and what it stands for,” says Bobby. “It’s a great feeling to support the area we all grew up in and help build the community.”
“My parents always stressed the importance of doing a job correctly and giving it your all,” says Billy. “I think this is the reason for my parents’ success. Genuine hard work does pay off.”
The Alten Family

As Alten Construction continues to grow, one thing will remain the same - its homegrown family roots.