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Alten Construction’s efficient use of technology allows us to stay on top of all of our projects and keep our clients better informed than ever before.

By using hardware and software effectively, we are able to be much more proactive and responsive in the field. We distribute iPads to each of our superintendents and project managers, so that they can quickly view project details like the project schedule and drawings directly on site, without having to retreat to a centralized trailer. We utilize Procore document management to meticulously track our progress by taking pictures throughout construction which are then uploaded to the secure project file. All of our notes about progress, challenges and solutions along the way are recorded, so that we can quickly and effectively communicate the status of the build.

Because the tools to track this information are literally at our fingertips, we are now better able than ever before to ensure that we stay on track, on budget, and on schedule.

As part of our commitment to ensuring a clear flow of information to our clients, we provide our clients with complimentary access to the project in Procore so that they can keep in touch at all times with our progress.