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Our Safety Commitment

Safety is critical to our health and success as a company. Construction can be a dangerous activity, so we must always be vigilant about safety. Our team knows that maintaining a safe jobsite is the result of smart decisions made every minute of the day. We work every day to maintain and improve upon our excellent Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.71.

We require the highest level of safety from our team and our subcontractors, and consistently work to ensure that the jobsite is a safe environment for both our team and the surrounding community. We ensure that all of our employees on the construction site have completed the required Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training programs.

Bob Giraudo, our Safety Manager, is dedicated to ensuring that we achieve safety in all aspects of the jobsite. Our people are encouraged to immediately take action whenever a safety issue is found. If the issue can’t be resolved by one person, they inform the supervisor and monitor the unsafe situation until the issue is resolved.

When our workers arrive at our construction site, they attend a daily coordination meeting before any work begins. During this meeting, we discuss the importance of safety and identify any specific safe practices requirements related to the work that will be performed that day.

Safety takes a leading role in each of our other meetings as well, including our monthly project management and superintendent meetings, as well as our weekly tailgate meetings.

In addition to the daily focus on safety, each quarter Alten Construction hosts a company-wide meeting that is centered around safety and safe construction practices.

It’s not enough to maintain safety only while the construction site is active. Alten Construction takes safety to the next level and provides 24x7x365 monitoring of every construction site. Each site has multiple surveillance cameras, including infrared motion cameras that provide a view of the jobsite after darkness falls. Our 24-hour monitoring of the construction site ensures the safety of our equipment and of any trespassers, allowing us to alert the police department whenever unsanctioned activity is taking place.