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We realize that we are living on a planet with finite resources, and that we must make choices wherever possible to preserve and enhance the world we live in. Even if our clients do not have sustainability goals, we still practice green construction. On the jobsite we always seek to mitigate the impact of construction by making smart environmental choices and recycling everything we can, from metal to concrete. By taking our role in preserving our environment seriously, we are able to divert more than 75% of our construction debris away from landfills.

Because protecting the environment is also part of how we protect our health, we are committed to only using products with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). To ensure a clean flow of air free of particulates once the building is complete, we protect existing ductwork from dust and other contaminants during construction.

We work with owners to select sustainable building materials and energy-efficient lighting and equipment. Our role is to educate and provide owners with environmentally sound choices that will preserve our world for generations to come.

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