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Bob Alten

Bob Alten President, CEO
Ext: 13

Shannon Alten

Shannon Alten Vice President, CFO
Ext: 12

Bobby Alten

Bobby Alten Estimating Assistant
Ext: 47

Alex Adams

Alex Adams Project Engineer

Erik Andresen

Erik Andresen Chief Estimator
Ext: 15

Thomas Avice

Thomas AviceProject Engineer

Stacy Barton

Stacy Barton Superintendent

Tim Brown

Tim Brown Superintendent

David Buchholz

David Buchholz Assistant Shop Manager

Rodrigo Williams

Howard Burgess Superintendent

Chad Casper

Chad Casper Superintendent

Chris Chierici

Chris Chierici Superintendent

Guy Curtice

Guy Curtice Superintendent

Peter Dickinson

Peter Dickinson Project Engineer

Peter Dickinson

Jimmy Fewell Project Engineer

Bob Giraudo

Bob Giraudo Safety Manager
Ext: 32

Hilary Harrison-Brown

Hilary H. Brown-Garcia Project Administrator
Ext: 37

Joe Kane

Joe Kane Class A Driver

Ana Lanyi

Max Lamen Project Engineer

Sam Leow

Sam Leow Shop Manager / QSP Cert #23232
Ext: 18

Kimrose Lundberg

Kimrose Lundberg Project Coordinator

James Mitchell

James Mitchell Senior Project Manager
Ext: 17

Vee Nompraseurt

Vee Nompraseurt Receptionist
Ext: 28

Andrew Nortz

Andrew Nortz Vice President of Operations
Ext: 19

Luke O'Neill

Luke O'Neill Project Engineer
Ext: 31

Eric Onick

Eric Onick Senior Project Manager
Ext: 16

Karin Romeo

Karin Romeo Bid Coordinator
Ext: 26

Joey Ruan

Joey Ruan Subcontractors Payable Administrator
Ext: 20

Dinna Saechao

Dinna Saechao Certified Payroll Administrator
Ext: 10

Joe Salow

Jason Salow Superintendent

Joe Salow

Joe Salow General Superintendent

Richard Semon

Richard Semon Superintendent

Trevor Simon

Trevor Simon Superintendent

Jered Smith

Jered Smith Project Engineer

Noel Stenberg

Noel Stenberg Senior Project Manager
Ext: 29

Baron Tieu

Baron Tieu Project Engineer

Harry Torrano

Harry Torrano Superintendent

Jackie Torres

Jackie Torres Accounting Manager
Ext: 27

Peter Vroman

Peter Vroman Superintendent

Brett Wing

Brett Wing Superintendent