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The road to successful construction begins in the preconstruction phase, when the critical pieces of the construction project begin to take shape.

Estimates that reflect reality

Alten Construction has decades of experience in constructing a wide variety of buildings under widely different circumstances, so we know what it takes to build a quality structure and meet your budget. We maintain a close relationship with our trades, vendors and suppliers, which allows us to create a realistic estimate for the project.


Scheduling & Phasing

The best time to solve a delay in construction is to catch it before it occurs. Alten Construction uses Primavera software to create a comprehensive schedule that identifies potential phasing and logistics problems before they happen. We combine our knowledge of the project with the data provided by different subcontractors, suppliers and vendors into a complete, fully developed schedule that maximizes efficiency and minimizes construction time.

Looking out for your interests

Alten Construction will review the design to identify potential improvements and cost savings. In some cases, the design as originally created may have some problems with constructability, durability, environmental impact or long-term maintenance. Our extensive experience in constructing high quality buildings gives us the insight to see potential issues with chosen materials or designs, and to recommend changes that may speed up or improve the build.

During Alten’s construction feasibility review we will use our value engineering expertise to identify these problems and provide simple, cost-effective solutions. Because we value your resources, we work directly with the design team to identify and specify less expensive, better options to make the construction flow smoothly, decrease your overall project costs and reduce the time and expense of long-term maintenance.