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Project Handover

Once the building is finished, we do a final walk-through of the building to ensure that everything is in order. Throughout the build process, we test all of the equipment and building systems to ensure that everything has been installed correctly and is functioning properly. The goal during the handover phase is to ensure that once the new owners are provided with the keys, they have a positive experience from day one.

as-built plans

As part of the handoff experience, we carefully prepare accurate and professional as-built plans of the finished product, and will supply a well-curated collection of manuals, warranty cards and proof of purchase for all equipment in the facility.

full warranty for all equipment

To ensure that the project owner enjoys the full warranty for all equipment, we also provide documentation that all equipment was installed in full compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

hand over the keys

The completion of a new building is an exciting time for everyone. At the end of each project, we are proud to hand over the keys to the building, knowing that we have done our best and that the building will be enjoyed for years to come.