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We maintain mutually beneficial relationships with highly respected trades that perform quality work at a high standard. We treat our trades with respect and pay them quickly, so that we build long-term relationships with the best trades in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Alten Construction takes pride in promoting the growth of our local businesses. If your project has local hire requirements, we have procedures in place to ensure that we successfully meet or exceed your goals.

Alten manages and coordinates our subcontractors with an eye towards efficiency and time savings. Our field supervisors and project managers ensure that the building process stays on track and that the trades we hire have the same attention to detail and safety that we require of our own personnel.

Alten Construction works with trade contractors to ensure that the project meets the level of quality required by local codes and is in full compliance with the project specifications and plans. Our trades know that we inspect and verify the installation and build at each stage, so they make sure that work is performed correctly.

Alten Sample Subcontract Agreement

We set high standards for ourselves and our trades, but we ensure that our standards are also realistic and attainable. Your project will benefit from the careful attention that we and our trades pay during construction.